Our Company:

We provide consulting and solutions in information security for companies all sizes. We offer a wide experience in all kind of organizations, technology environments, and business models.

Our company's experience continues to grow with each new client we work with. Our knowledge and development is based on the principles of diversity and multidisciplinary integration.


Our Services:

We provide consulting and solutions in information security for companies all sizes. We design, develop, implement and maintain security information solutions for a wide range of organization and technology complexity.



> Unconditional respect for diversity
> Fundamental Commitment to improvement and knowledge
> Unconditional respect for information privacy
> Service oriented
> Permanent research



> Maximize the information security of our clients, offering the solutions that fit the organization development and its organizational strategy.



> To be an organization that provides information security solutions to our global community, as well as tools and knowldege to develop the information security field regarding methodologies and concepts.


Strategic Alliances:

Our company partners with other organizations in this industry to provide superior solutions and enhance our ability to serve our clients and the community.


Technology Alliances:

SIMETRICA selects the best information security solutions to serve its clients. Our wide experience enables us to clearly recognize the differences in value in each hardware and software solution. With efficient and effective solutions, a company maximizes its security levels, protecting its information assets.


send us your question: info@simetrica.biz